As a DUI offender, you could be looking at different types of sentencing such as ankle monitoring or home confinement, community service or even jail time. As a result of pleading guilty to drinking and driving, you will be placed on probation and will be required to not violate any laws.

If you do violate probation, you could be facing serious consequences such as hefty court fines, additional license suspensions, and even potential jail time. Having a reputable DUI Defense attorney by your side can be beneficial to your case and help you avoid DUI violations of probation.

Ways to Violate Probation

There are several ways that one can violate DUI probation. If you do find yourself in violation of probation, contact our Riverside lawyers as soon as possible to find out what we can do for you.

  • Failure to enroll and/or complete an alcohol and/or drug program
  • Failure to pay any mandated fines
  • Picking up a subsequent driving under the influence charge
  • Failure to properly wear an alcohol-monitoring device
  • Failure to avoid major moving violations or criminal violations

Knowing what you could be facing could greatly help you understand the severity of your most recent DUI arrest. Find out more information regarding driving on a suspended license, felony DUI, DMV hearings, DUI defense as well as Riverside drunk driving resources.nFill out our free DUI case evaluation form to have a dedicated drunk driving attorney contact you directly!

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