Prostitution is defined as having sexual contact with another individual in exchange for some form of compensation. It is important to know that a sexual act does not have to occur to be guilty of committing the offense of prostitution. Just entering into an agreement to exchange sex for compensation is enough to be convicted.

There are several additional related offenses, and all come with harsh penalties. If you have been charged with this type of illegal sexual transaction, we strongly recommend contacting a Rancho Cucamonga prostitution lawyer. Our criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Scott D. Henry have several decades of experience defending these charges. We have the skill and dedication necessary to defend you against these charges and help you obtain a positive outcome.

Prostitution Charges

Under California law, prostitution is defined as a lewd or sexual act between individuals for money or other forms of compensation. California Penal Code 647b PC prohibits agreeing to pay for a sexual act, offering to perform a sexual act for money or other compensation, or engaging in a sexual act in exchange for compensation. An attorney in Rancho Cucamonga could help someone accused of any of these prostitution charges.

Engaging in Prostitution

In California, a person is guilty of prostitution if he or she engaged in a sexual act in exchange for money or other compensation. A sexual act is any behavior that involves touching the genitals or female breasts of another with the specific intent to arouse or gratify someone in a sexual manner. Both a prostitute and a customer can engage in this crime.

Solicitation of a Prostitute

Solicitation occurs when a person requests another to engage in a sexual act for money or other compensation. For a conviction, the prosecution must prove the defendant intended to engage in the act. Again, both a prostitute and a customer can be guilty of solicitation.

Agreeing to Engage in Prostitution

Penal Code 647b PC also prohibits agreeing to a sexual act in exchange for compensation. The prosecution must prove the defendant agreed to engage in the act of prostitution and also intended to engage in that act. Both a prostitute and customer can be guilty of agreeing to engage in an act of prostitution.

Penalties for Exchanging Sex for Money

Prostitution is charged as a misdemeanor in this state. If convicted, a defendant faces considerable penalties. The penalties for these charges increase as the number of convictions increase. Penalties for a first-time prostitution conviction include a maximum of six months in jail and a fine up to $1,000. If a person is convicted for prostitution for a second time, they may face a minimum of 45 days in jail and a fine up to $1,000. A third and any subsequent conviction carries penalties of a minimum of 90 days in jail and a fine up to $1,000. A Rancho Cucamonga lawyer could help someone avoid or minimize these penalties when charged with prostitution.

Defenses for Prostitution in Rancho Cucamonga

Our experienced Rancho Cucamonga attorneys implement effective, case-specific defense strategies that often result in reduced or dismissed prostitution charges. Some solid defense arguments include:

  • The defendant did not intend to engage in this crime.
  • The defendant was forced into prostitution.
  • Law enforcement used entrapment to get the defendant to commit the offense
  • Evidence was obtained through an illegal search and seizure
  • There is not enough evidence to support a conviction.
  • There is untrustworthy evidence or witness testimony.

Our Rancho Cucamonga Prostitution Attorneys are Here to Help

Our skilled Rancho Cucamonga prostitution lawyers at the Law Offices of Scott D. Henry have helped thousands of clients avoid criminal convictions. We are committed to providing you with superior legal representation so you can get the justice you deserve. Contact our office today for a free, confidential case analysis.

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