An out of state driver may experience many of the same restrictions that a California Licensed driver may receive following an arrest for a DUI. The main difference is that an out of state driver will not have their license taken away since an arresting officer can not take another state’s property. The driver will still be issued a temporary license and must contact the San Bernardino DMV to schedule an APS hearing after getting pulled over for drinking and driving. A court hearing will also be initiated and indicated on the citation issued. You must attend this court hearing if you do not hire a qualified DUI attorney to represent you. If you have more questions about out of state drivers and DUI charges in Orange County, speak with a legal professional from our team today.

What Should an Out of State Driver Expect Following a Drinking and Driving Charge?

In most cases following an arrest for driving under the influence, a competent attorney can represent you at both your DMV hearing and your court hearings up until a jury trial. This could mean that you never have to return to the area. Make sure that your lawyer can contact you from out of state via fax, phone or e-mail to keep you up-to-date on your DUI case.

Depending on the state that you live in, your license may be revoked or suspended the length of time enforced by the California DMV and courts. Most states are involved in a nation-wide compact that recognizes the point system and restrictions of other states. Therefore 2-points resulting from your DUI in Orange County may be recognized by your home state causing your insurance rates to rise. A restriction or suspension from the California DMV that is recognized in your home state will mean that you must abide by the limitation even when not driving in California.

Out of State Drivers Charged with a DUI in Orange County Should Speak with a Lawyer

A skilled local attorney could explain all realities in your DUI case. Our legal team may also be able to assist you in serving any court required sanctions through your home state as opposed to returning to California for the imposed penalties. For more information on out of state drivers who are facing DUI charges in Orange County, consult our dedicated attorneys today.

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