As a driving under the influence offender, you will be facing with several harsh penalties that could include potential jail time. However, having an experienced DUI attorney fighting for you could be greatly beneficial as only a knowledgeable attorney who knows the court system will be able to get you a more favorable alternative sentencing for Riverside DUI charge.

Different Types of Alternative Sentencing

Depending on the severity and circumstances of the DUI charges, a lawyer in Riverside may be able to fight for an alternative sentencing option, allowing an offender to avoid serious jail time.

Ignition Interlock Device

This breathalyzer system gets installed into the dashboard of your vehicle and requires you to breathe into it to start the engine. If any alcohol is detected, the car will not start and authorities will be notified as you will have violated your probation.

Electronic Monitoring & House Arrest

Electronic monitoring, or SCRAM, usually comes in the form of an ankle bracelet that monitors you virtually 24 hours a day. This device is able to detect if there is any trace of alcohol in your system. This allows you to continue living your daily life while being on probation.

Alcohol and/or Drug Programs

As a DUI offender, you will be required to enroll and complete several months’ worth of alcohol and or drug programs. These programs are often located near your home and are available throughout the week.

Private Jail

If you are sentenced to jail time and are not able to receive home arrest or any other type of alternative sentencing following a drinking and driving charge, all hope is not lost. A knowledgeable Riverside lawyer could fight for private jail time instead. Private jails are a pay-to-stay program that allows you to work out a schedule that is convenient to you. This program is generally more expensive but provides inmates with more comfortable accommodations than your typical county or city jail. You have only 10 days to contact the DMV to request a DMV hearing on the automatic suspension of your license. If you fail to abide by the 10 days, you will lose your license and could be facing additional penalties once convicted through the court.

Contact our attorneys as soon as possible if you are arrested for driving under the influence. We will do whatever we can to get you alternative sentencing for your Riverside DUI charges.

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