Our skilled Rancho Cucamonga assault lawyers at the Law Offices of Scott D. Henry have successfully represented thousands of clients facing violent crime charges. We have over four decades of combined criminal defense experience and know precisely how these cases are prosecuted at the Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court. Our experience allows us to fight effectively to get you the best possible outcome, given the circumstances. If you are being investigated for or have been charged with an assault crime, contact our office today for a free case analysis.

Types of Assault Crimes

Assault is detailed in California Penal Code 240PC and is defined as an “unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit violent injury on the person of another.” This county has one of the highest assault crime rates in the U.S. among counties similar in size. To combat violent crimes, local law enforcement and District Attorneys pursue these crimes zealously. Common assault-related offenses include:

  • Battery
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Domestic battery
  • Battery on a police officer
  • Aggravated battery
  • Sexual battery

When facing any type of assault crime, it is important to have an experienced Rancho Cucamonga attorney by your side.

Aggravated Battery

The crime of aggravated battery is defined in California Penal Code 243d PC as a battery that causes serious bodily injury to another. Three important elements must be proven to be convicted of this crime. The prosecution must prove:

  1. You willfully touched another person in a harmful or threatening manner.
  2. The victim suffered serious bodily injury as a result of your actions.
  3. You had no legal reason to act in such as violent manner, such as in self-defense or the defense of others

Assault Convictions

Assault convictions carry harsh, far-reaching penalties. For a misdemeanor assault conviction, penalties include up to six months in jail, a maximum fine of $1,000, and informal probation. More serious, felony convictions carry a sentence of up to four years in state prison, a maximum fine of $10,000, and felony probation. Additional penalties may include victim restitution, an anger management course, community service, and the loss of your right to own and possess firearms. Because the penalties for an assault conviction can be so harsh, it is important to retain the services of a Rancho Cucamonga lawyer when facing these charges.

Legal Defenses for Assault Crimes

Stakes are high when facing these charges. However, several solid defenses could prove to be effective in your case. An appropriate argument depends on the specifics of your case. After a careful review of your arrest and an investigation into the alleged assault, our seasoned defense attorneys in Rancho Cucamonga could build a strategy that may include:

  • Lack of intent
  • Self-defense or the defense of others
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Lack of trustworthy evidence
  • Mistaken identity
  • False accusation

Contact a Leading Rancho Cucamonga Assault Attorney

If you have been accused of violently assaulting another person, it is important to understand that time is of the essence in any criminal matter. We urge you to contact our leading Rancho Cucamonga assault lawyers immediately for a free consultation. So much is at stake when facing these serious allegations. Let us provide you with superior legal representation as well as our support and guidance throughout this challenging process.

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