An arrest for driving under the influence may be one of the most difficult experiences you ever go through. It is important to act fast or you may face more penalties than are necessary. Hiring a Temecula DUI lawyer within ten calendar days of your drunk driving arrest will ensure that you don’t miss any dates or deadlines in your case. To learn more or get started on your defense, consult with our experienced defense attorneys today.

Contacting the State Department of Motor Vehicles Following a DUI Arrest

If you hire a Temecula DUI attorney within ten calendar days of your arrest they can contact the DMV on your behalf and request your hearing. This is important so that they can schedule the hearing according to their schedule. You do not have to be present at the DMV hearing unless you would like to testify or the attorney would find it advantageous to have your testimony. If you do not contact the DMV within ten days of your DUI arrest you will lose your license for a minimum of four months based solely on your arrest.

Criminal Court Process in a Temecula DUI Case

The criminal court process in a DUI case begins with the arraignment. The arraignment date is listed at the bottom of your citation given to you upon release from arrest. A warrant will be issued for your arrest if you fail to appear at this court date. However, if you hire a leading Temecula attorney prior to the DUI arraignment date, they can appear on your behalf. Because of the severity of the crime, if you are arrested for a felony drunk driving charge you will be required to be present at all court date regardless of whether you hired an attorney. It is important that misdemeanor or felony, you contact a qualified drunk driving lawyer immediately after an arrest.

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