The criminal process begins the moment someone is accused of a crime. Criminal investigations typically take place well before law enforcement makes an arrest. When an individual has been accused of a crime, but has not yet been charged, they need a criminal defense attorney who has extensive knowledge on how crimes are investigated and prosecuted locally. Newport Beach pre-filing investigation lawyer, Scott D. Henry, and our team have a thorough and proactive approach to these situations which has helped them obtain positive results for our clients.

What is a Pre-Filing Investigation?

Attorneys sometimes recommend waiting to hire an attorney until the accused individual is formally charged. Typically, this is because they can charge them higher fees. Waiting to hire an attorney is terrible advice. Beginning early in the investigation process can dramatically affect the outcome. The chance of keeping someone out of court, and even out of jail, is much higher when our legal team gets involved early within the investigation stage.

Our local attorneys are experienced in defending clients during the pre-file investigation period. We have handled numerous investigations that often resulted in reduced charges or charges never being filed.

Why Should Someone Hire a Pre-Filing Attorney?

Hiring a lawyer in Newport Beach for a pre-filing investigation can be a great benefit. The attorney could help at this early stage by:

  • Researching and investigating
  • Contacting law enforcement and intervening
  • Assisting you in avoiding police interviews or polygraph tests
  • Possibly informally resolving the case with investigators
  • Helping to prevent any charges being filed
  • Assisting in a surrender if an arrest can’t be avoided
  • Assisting in finding a bail bondsman if necessary

The Lengthy Investigations of White-Collar Crimes

Pre-filing investigations are crucial in white-collar offenses. White-collar crimes are typically investigated for several months, so there is significant time between being investigated and being charged. This period is crucial to any defense, and an experienced, defense attorney could help. Our skilled team could work quickly and proactively to help resolve the situation, possibly before any charges are filed.

Proactive and Successful DUI Defense

The Law Office of Scott D. Henry is the leading criminal defense law firm in the Newport Beach area. Our DUI defense attorneys have a top-rated reputation with local prosecutors and judges that could positively influence the outcome of your case. A DUI conviction has dire, long-term consequences. They include the suspension of your driver’s license, possible jail time, strict probation, substantial fines, time-consuming classes, and expensive SR – 22 insurance. There is so much at stake when faced with DUI charges. It is essential to have aggressive and diligent legal representation.

Many people think there is no chance of avoiding a conviction with a failed sobriety test. That is not true. With our skilled defense, you still may be able to avoid a conviction. Mr. Henry is often able to secure a reduction or dismissal of charges by challenging the evidence’s validity. Our great skill in investigating DUI offenses could have a drastic effect on the outcome of your case.

Have You Been Detained but Not Booked?

All individuals have a right to a speedy trial. If you are being detained but have not yet been booked, we could go before the judge and request a writ of habeas corpus. It is an order from the court informing the police they must go before the court and show a valid reason for the detainment. Habeas Corpus prevents someone who is being detained from unlawful imprisonment.

Speak with a Newport Beach Pre-Filing Investigation Attorney

The Law Office of Scott D. Henry is the most highly regarded criminal defense firm in the area. We have the reputation, expertise, and dedication necessary to provide you with a solid defense. Timing is paramount in securing your freedom. Contact our leading Newport Beach pre-filing investigation attorneys today.

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