Facing drug crime charges is a frightening situation. There is a lot at stake, including your rights, freedom, and future. Therefore, it is best to speak immediately with a Riverside drug lawyer who has the experience necessary to help you through this challenging process if you have been charged with a crime. Our skilled team of criminal defense attorneys at The Law Office of Scott Henry has over 40 years of combined experience defending those facing drug-related charges. We have extensive knowledge of how these crimes are investigated and prosecuted, which helps us determine the most effective strategy to get you the results you need.

What are the Most Common Types of Drug Crimes in Riverside?

There has been a significant increase in narcotics-related crimes in recent years. The most common drug charges include:

  • Drug possession – California Health and Safety Code 11350 HS makes it illegal to possess a controlled substance, such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, meth, or prescription drugs, if you do not have a valid prescription.
  • Drug sale or transportation – California Health and Safety Code 11352 HS makes it a crime to sell, furnish, administer, or transport a controlled substance.
  • Drug paraphernalia – California Health and Safety Code 11364 HS makes it illegal to possess any instrument or device used to administer a controlled substance.
  • Drug Manufacturing – California Health and Safety Code 11379.6 HS makes it a crime to produce, compound, or compress a controlled substance.

The most common controlled substance charge is simple drug possession or possession for personal use. The charges and facts of the drug case determine what options our attorneys in Riverside would pursue to build your defense. Whether it be a misdemeanor or a felony, a narcotics conviction has long-lasting effects on your future. You could receive penalties that can include jail time, substantial fines, and misdemeanor or felony probation. Fortunately, with the help of a skilled defense attorney, it may be possible for you to enter a diversion program and avoid traditional penalties.

What is Considered a Controlled Substance?

A controlled substance is a drug listed on the Schedule of Controlled Substances. Some listed substances are illegal, but others are legal with a valid prescription. Some common controlled substances that are involved in these crimes include:

  • Xanax or other benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • LSD
  • Meth
  • Codeine and morphine or other opiates
  • Oxycontin and hydrocodone or other Opioids
  • Vicodin

The amount and type of drug involved in the alleged offense affect the penalties a defendant may be facing. Your lawyer in Riverside could create a strong defense strategy based on your drug case’s specifics.

Contact an Experienced Riverside Drug Attorney

We understand how stressful it is to be facing drug-related charges. You are uncertain of what the outcome will be and what effects it will have on your freedom and future. Our leading attorneys at the Law Office of Scott D. Henry have a proven track record of defending clients facing narcotics-related charges. We have also had great success in having our clients placed in diversion programs, which allowed them to avoid a conviction with harsh penalties. Having an aggressive advocate on your side is essential in fighting effectively for your rights and freedom.

If you have been charged with this type of crime, it is best to contact an experienced Riverside drug lawyer right away. Time is of the essence, so the earlier one of our skilled attorneys begins your defense, the much better the chances will be at obtaining the best possible outcome. Please contact our office today for a free consultation. Scott D. Henry could go over the specifics of your charges, explain your rights and options, and advise you on what immediate steps should be taken.

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