Many students and parents do not fully understand the seriousness of the situation when they are notified of an alleged student code of conduct violation. If the private school, college, or university finds you or your child violated their code of conduct, the consequences are considerable and may even be life-changing.

If you or your child is facing a code of conduct hearing, we urge you to contact a knowledgeable San Bernardino student defense lawyer right away. Our defense attorneys at The Law Office of Scott D. Henry have over 40 years of experience in student and juvenile defense. We take these cases very seriously because we understand the significance of the long-term effects these cases have on you or your child. We are committed to doing everything within our power to help you resolve these issues and avoid any harsh or long-term consequences.

What is a Violation of a Student Code of Conduct?

The vast majority of private schools, colleges, and universities have a code of conduct all students must abide by at all times. If your educational institution receives information or a complaint that you may have violated the rules and regulations detailed in its student code of conduct, you will likely receive a phone call, email, or letter requesting that you call or report to your institution’s Office of Student Conduct.

Most students and parents believe it is a minor issue and that it can be solved easily. This typically is not the case. If found to be in violation of the institution’s code of conduct, you or your student can:

  • Be removed from student housing
  • Lose scholarships, financial aid, and grants
  • Be required to pay fines or restitution
  • Be removed from the institution’s sports team
  • Receive a hold on class registration
  • Be suspended from the institution
  • Be expelled from the institution

In certain circumstances, violations can result in a criminal case. Criminal convictions carry more severe penalties, including jail time, probation, and a permanent criminal record. A lawyer in San Bernardino could help a student minimize the potential penalties by preparing a solid defense.

What if a School Does Not Allow an Attorney to be Present at the Hearing?

When a student is accused of committing an on-campus crime, many times the institution does not allow legal counsel to be present during the disciplinary hearing. Still, there are many benefits of retaining a San Bernardino student defense attorney to guide you through this challenging process. Our highly sought-after juvenile defense attorneys could:

  • Thoroughly research and analyze the details of the university’s code of conduct
  • Perform a detailed investigation into the alleged incident by obtaining witness statements and any and all evidence supporting your defense
  • Explain the code of conduct hearing process to you and your family
  • Prepare you or your student for question typically asked at a hearing
  • Assist you or your student in the preparation of a student code of conduct violation statement
  • Prepare witness(es) for any statements or questions, if necessary

Vandalism of School Property

One of the most common student code of conduct violations involves the vandalism of school property. Tagging the side of a building, defacing bathroom stalls, and smashing classroom windows are all considered acts of vandalism and are taken very seriously by school officials. Penalties include fines, restitution, probation, suspension, and expulsion. It can also result in criminal charges, so it is imperative to immediately seek legal counsel if you or your child has been accused of vandalism.

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A violation of an educational institution’s student code of conduct is a very serious matter. When accused of an on-campus crime, your education and future could be in jeopardy, so it is essential to contact a San Bernardino student defense lawyer right away. Our skilled attorneys at The Law Office of Scott D. Henry have significant amounts of experience fighting passionately for our student and juvenile clients. We do not do what is easiest. Instead, we do what is in your or your student’s best interest. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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