Every college and university has a handbook that includes the student code of conduct. It details how all students must behave on and off campus. If a student violates a school’s code of conduct, they may be charged and brought in front of the Office of Student Conduct for a disciplinary hearing.

If you or your student has been notified of a code of conduct violation, you need to act quickly. It is best to seek legal assistance from a reputable Moreno Valley student defense lawyer. Our criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Scott D. Henry understand that these matters need to be taken seriously. A violation can result in consequences that can completely alter your life’s path. That is why we do everything within our power to defend our clients and protect their best interests.

Receiving a Student Code of Conduct Violation Notice

Private schools, colleges, and universities have a student code of conduct, typically located in the institution’s handbook. The code of conduct details all of the policies and procedures that students and staff must adhere to both on and off campus.

When a college or university is made aware of a possible code of conduct violation, the Office of Student Conduct notifies the student of the potential violation and begin a fact-finding inquiry into the alleged incident. The office investigates the incident, gathers evidence, and interviews potential witnesses. Before a determination is made, it is important for the accused to obtain legal counsel. A Moreno Valley attorney could protect a student’s rights while assisting in gathering evidence that supports their defense.

Common Violations

Several actions can land a student at risk of academic disciplinary action. Some common student code of conduct violations include:

  • Misuse of school facilities
  • Fire safety violations
  • Plagiarism
  • Academic dishonesty
  • Hazing
  • Vandalism
  • Hate crimes
  • Theft
  • Sexual assault
  • Alcohol and drug offenses


All schools take academic honesty seriously. Most schools enforce a zero-tolerance policy against any acts of plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered taking words, ideas, or work of another party and presenting them as if they were your own. Acts of plagiarism include:

  • Paraphrasing a quote
  • Using direct quotes
  • Summarizing ideas
  • Forgery of research or data
  • Misrepresentation of research or data
  • Using another individual’s complete work

Penalties for Campus Offenses

Many students and parents do not realize the severity of a code of conduct violations. Harsh consequences can result in fines, restitution, loss of student housing, loss of scholarships, grants, and financial aid, removal from school organizations and sports teams, class registration holds, suspension, and expulsion. Additionally, if the offense is charged criminally, accused individuals could face fines and potential jail time. That is why it is critical to take immediate steps to minimize any penalties and seek legal assistance from a seasoned student defense attorney in Moreno Valley.

Consult with a Leading Moreno Valley Student Defense Attorney

If you have received notification of a possible campus code of conduct violation, we strongly urge you to consult with our leading Moreno Valley student defense lawyers. If you are found guilty of a violation, the consequences can be life-changing. We are committed to fighting for a positive resolution to this matter. Please contact our offices today for a free consultation, so we can determine an effective strategy to protect your rights and preserve your academic future.

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