Domestic Violence is a more common offense than most of us think. In California especially, the bail schedule is set quite high in relation to other states. In recent years there were some high-profile cases that really brought recognition to domestic violence charges.

When law enforcement gets a call for a domestic violence disturbance that usually means someone is going to jail. Orange County Law Enforcement agencies have found themselves taking one or both parties involved in the disturbance to jail to let the courts decide the outcome. Our experienced attorneys could explain how bail may work in your domestic violence case in Orange County.

Bail Amounts for Household Violence Charges in Orange County

Los Angeles$50,000.002nd Offense$100,000.00
Orange County$50,000.002nd Offense$100,000.00
San Bernardino$50,000.002nd Offense$100,000.003rd $60,000.00
Riverside$50,000.002nd Offense$75,000.00
San Diego$50,000.002nd Offense$15,000.00

With relation to bail and bail bonds on domestic violence cases. You should always speak with a locally licensed and qualified Bail Agent. At The Law Offices of Marlin Stapleton Jr. & Scott Henry we only work with the best. We use Premiere Bail Bonds for all of our bail bondsman services, especially during domestic violence cases. When you call Premiere Bail Bonds be sure to mention we sent you to qualify for a discounted rate.

Bail can generally be posted immediately after the booking process is complete. Bail agents are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Depending on the jail or detention center it could take several hours to be released. If you are unable to post bail, you will be required to stay in jail until you can be seen by a judge. A judge will then review the bail amount. You are entitled to a bail hearing where the judge will determine whether the bail amount is appropriate or should be reduced or increased.

Speak with an Orange County Attorney About Bail for Domestic Violence Cases

Because of the serious nature of spousal abuse cases and the potential for further harm to an alleged victim, prosecutors will often ask for a high bail amount. Our lawyers will help you understand the bail or bail bonds requirements for an Orange County domestic violence case and will fight hard to get you the lowest bail possible or get you released on your own recognizance.

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