Once you have been convicted of driving under the influence, your criminal record could be permanently affected. Future employers will be able to view your record and see your conviction, which may affect their choice of whether or not to hire you. Also, repeat offenses could eventually result in a felony DUI conviction, which could be a third strike if you have been convicted of two or more previous felonies. These are just a couple of the reasons why you should consider petitioning for an expungement with the assistance of a Riverside DUI expungement lawyer.

How to Obtain a DUI Expungement in Riverside

In order to get your conviction expunged in Riverside, you must first be granted probation for your DUI offense. Once you have completed your probation without violating the terms at any point, you can petition the county court to have the conviction sealed from your record. This means that no one – not even the state or federal government – will be able to view the conviction or know that it ever occurred in the first place. This is done by changing your plea of guilty or no contest to a plea of not guilty, which makes it appear as if you were never convicted for DUI.

Get Help from a Riverside DUI Expungement Attorney

If you have been convicted for drinking under the influence and have successfully completed probation, contact our firm for experienced defense. Our Riverside DUI expungement lawyers have over a decade of experience and could help you draft an excellent petition for expungement to present to the county court. Your initial case evaluation is free, so call our offices today to speak with a member of our team and take the first steps toward a clean criminal record.

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