Domestic violence has been a trending topic across the country. Increased media exposure and political pressure have resulted in a more aggressive approach to prosecuting alleged violations. Unfortunately, all of the exposure and pressure can also result in you being charged with this offense when you haven’t broken any laws at all. You’ll want the leading defense law firm. We have decades of experience in defending domestic abuse cases. We’re perfectly positioned to answer your questions and protect your rights and reputation while the court process unfolds.

If you’ve been charged with household abuse, or you believe that you’re going to be charged, you should contact a Riverside domestic violence lawyer at the Law Offices of Marlin G. Stapleton, Jr. and Scott D. Henry right away. The State of California takes these cases very seriously. If you’re found guilty, the consequences could last forever. When you’re accused of household violence, you need to know your rights, so consult with a highly experienced and respected criminal defense attorney at our offices immediately.

What is Domestic Violence?

Whenever somebody is charged with a crime, the accused and his or her family experience fright and anxiety. If the crime charged involves allegations of violence or threats of violence against a family member, circumstances can become even more unnerving. Domestic abuse can include but not be limited to allegations of:

  • Harassment
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Stalking
  • Economic abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Honor murders

Restraining Orders in Riverside Household Abuse Cases

A domestic violence restraining order can require you to leave your home and prohibit you from having any direct or indirect contact with the person claiming to be abused. The orders can last as long as five years, and they can impact other issues of child custody, support and visitation. Just some of the people who are eligible to obtain a domestic violence restraining order are:

  • Current and former boyfriends and girlfriends
  • Spouses and former spouses
  • Parents, children, siblings
  • Grandparents and grandchildren
  • Cohabitants and past cohabitants

Our lawyers in Riverside could explain how a restraining order against you may impact your life and your domestic violence case.

Lifetime Consequences of Domestic Violence Charges

Just about every district attorney’s office in the state has a unit of prosecutors that are assigned to domestic violence cases. Even if the alleged victim changes his or her story or asks that the case be dropped, the prosecutors usually continue with the case. If you’re found guilty of a criminal domestic abuse offense, the sentencing judge is going to look at the nature and extent of any injuries along with any past criminal convictions you might have. A jail sentence isn’t at all unusual, even for somebody with no criminal history whatsoever.

That domestic violence conviction will go on your permanent record, and it’s going to show up whenever somebody runs a background check on you. It’s a matter of public record, and it can operate as a serious impediment to your future. Because the consequences for domestic abuse charges are so severe, it is important to have a seasoned local attorney who could help you minimize these potential penalties.

Call a Riverside Domestic Violence Attorney

Just because you might not be charged with a felony, you shouldn’t take a domestic violence charge lightly. A conviction can impact you for a lifetime. Invoke your right to an attorney and a defense. If you’ve been taken into custody on any household abuse allegations, contact a Riverside domestic violence lawyer at the Law Offices of Marlin G. Stapleton, Jr. and Scott D. Henry right away. You have every right to have the leading criminal defense law firm in the area represent you.

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