Being charged with a criminal offense is a life-changing event. Whether you have been accused of a misdemeanor or felony, the consequences are significant and can affect your entire future. In these situations, it is essential to have an Irvine criminal defense lawyer to help guide you through the process and help prevent or minimize any negative consequences. Our seasoned criminal defense attorneys at The Law Office of Scott D. Henry could ensure your rights are protected while fighting tirelessly for your freedom and future.

Types of Criminal Offenses

Scott D. Henry and his team of attorneys in Irvine have decades of experience in criminal defense. We have in-depth knowledge of how criminal cases are investigated, prosecuted, and punished locally. Our team’s experience and resources allow us to fight effectively on behalf of our clients. Our seasoned attorneys could provide you with an aggressive and proactive defense for charges involving:

Misdemeanor or felony convictions can carry severe penalties such as jail time, substantial fines, and probation. They may also result in the loss of certain freedoms, such as driving or carrying guns. There is too much at stake to delay obtaining capable and diligent legal representation. The earlier you have legal counsel, the better your chances are at a positive result.

Providing Thorough Criminal Investigations

At The Law Office of Scott D. Henry, we believe that a thorough investigation is vital in obtaining the best possible result. Over our years practicing criminal defense, our lawyers in the area have assembled a team who leave no stone unturned in their investigations. Our investigations include:

  • Reviewing discovery information
  • Conducting a crime scene investigation
  • Identifying and interviewing witnesses
  • Creating a timeline
  • Find any oversights or mistakes made by law enforcement
  • Examination of cell phones and computers

Our team could obtain all evidence in supporting your defense and present our case to law enforcement or prosecutors. We could negotiate on your behalf and fight to have charges reduced or dropped.

Why is it Important to Hire a Defense Attorney in Irvine?

If you are being investigated or have been charged with a crime, you are facing severe consequences. Your reputation, freedom, and future are at risk. Many individuals do not fully understand how serious the situation is and do not immediately seek legal counsel. Many believe their version of events will come out, and they can avoid a conviction. But when they finally realize they need legal representation, it is often too late to avoid negative consequences.

Hiring an experienced and aggressive defense attorney right away can significantly increase your chances of obtaining a positive result in your criminal case. Your lawyer could gather and present evidence that supports your defense and negotiate with law enforcement or the District Attorney to help prevent charges from being filed or having charges dropped or reduced.

Emotional and Financial Stress

When you are facing criminal charges, it takes a toll on you both emotionally and financially. Not only do criminal charges affect your reputation, finances, and freedom, but they affect your entire future. That is why we could fight tirelessly to help minimize any negative effects. Our clients’ futures and well-being are our top priorities. We strive to provide our clients with the most effective defense while also providing emotional support throughout the entire process. We understand how frightening this is, and we could do all we can to help you and your family get through this trying time.

Speak with an Irvine Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, it is essential you immediately speak with an Irvine criminal defense lawyer. Our highly-regarded team of lawyers at The Law Office of Scott D. Henry has a proven track record of success. Our long-standing relationships with local law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges help us negotiate on your behalf to help you obtain a positive outcome. Contact us today for a free consultation, where we could discuss your case’s specifics, advise you of your rights, explain your options, and determine the best strategy in moving forward.

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