In 2003, there were approximately 180,000 drunk driving arrests in the state of California (Criminal Justice Statistics Center). If you have been arrested for drunk driving, whether charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, hire an experienced Tustin DUI expungement lawyer who can help you clear your criminal record. Our team of dedicated attorneys could help you through this process and work hard to get your life back on track.

Eligibility for Expunging a DUI Conviction

DUI Expungement is the legal process of petitioning the Court to review, clear, or seal your drunk driving conviction. Under California Penal Code section 1203.4, certain initial criteria must be met before an individual can file for an expungement. First, you must have been granted probation, either for a misdemeanor or felony DUI charge, and;

  • The conditions of probation have been fulfilled, or probation has been discharged
  • All fines, fees and restitution have been paid
  • Everything ordered by the Court has been fulfilled in a timely manner
  • The petitioner has no new criminal cases pending

In addition to the above rules, you must not presently be serving a probation term. However, in some cases, an individual may file for early termination of probation. If the above rules have been met, you will be permitted by the court to withdraw a plea of guilty or plea of no contest and enter a plea of not guilty; or, if you plead not guilty to the DUI charges, the court shall set aside the verdict of guilty; and, in either case, shall dismiss the accusations or information against you.

It’s important to note that a DUI expungement will not completely erase your misdemeanor or felony DUI conviction. If you are arrested again for drunk driving, the sealed charges can still be held against you in court. In regards to your California driving privileges, these types of expungement will not affect any driver’s license revocation or suspension given you by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Any prior DUI conviction shall remain a conviction for DMV purposes. (Motor Vehicle Section 13555). Our local attorneys could review your DUI conviction and determine if it is eligible for expungement.

Benefits of Expungement in Tustin

One valuable benefit of having your criminal record cleared of a misdemeanor or felony DUI conviction is that you can honestly state during job interviews or on employment applications for private companies that you have no criminal convictions. When applying for many state licenses, criminal convictions must be expunged from your criminal record before you can be issued a state license. In the event you have had a DUI conviction expunged, you must still disclose the offense if a state license application asks, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” However, it can still be in your best interest to contact a Tustin lawyer to obtain a DUI Expungement, as many state licensing boards look favorably upon the fact you took initiative to expunge your criminal record.

Contact a Tustin DUI Expungement Attorney

Our firm has experienced lawyers who know state expungement laws and can assist you through the legal process and procedures. Our law offices maintain a team of professionals that includes experienced private investigators, expert witnesses, and others who are qualified to handle your case. Don’t let your DUI conviction become a ball and chain on your future. You can take the first step toward clearing a drunk driving conviction from your criminal record is by speaking with one of our Tustin DUI expungement lawyers. We could discuss your case with you and help determine if you are a candidate for a DUI expungement.

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