If you are under investigation for committing a financially motivated crime, we strongly recommend seeking legal representation from a skilled Murrieta white-collar crime lawyer immediately.

Our criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Scott D. Henry have over four decades of white-collar defense experience. To defend these cases properly, your attorney must have a unique and expansive skill set. Our attorneys have vast financial and legal knowledge and could build an effective defense strategy specific to your case. We could act swiftly to defend your rights and get you the best possible resolution.

What are White-Collar Crimes?

The term “white-collar crime” refers to a full range of fraud offenses. They typically involve a business professional or a government official wrongfully taking an individual or entity’s money or property for personal gain. These crimes typically do not involve violence or an application or threat of force. They do, however, involve concealment, deceit, or a violation of trust. Many white-collar crimes are charged at the federal level and carry severe penalties. Some examples of white-collar offenses are embezzlement, identity theft, money laundering, extortion, Ponzi schemes, bribery, extortion, tax fraud, and credit card fraud. One of our skilled attorneys in Murrieta could help someone prepare for the legal process depending on their specific white-collar charges.

Identity Theft

California Penal Code 530 PC defines this crime as unlawfully and intentionally obtaining personal identifying information of another individual to steal money or commit fraud. You can be charged with identity theft if you unlawfully use another person’s personal information to obtain goods, services, a line of credit, or property. It typically involves stealing information from a driver’s license, ID card, birth certificate, social security card, or credit card. A misdemeanor identity theft conviction carries penalties of up to one year in jail, hefty fines, and restitution, and a felony conviction carries a sentence of up to three years in prison.

Ponzi Schemes

A Ponzi scheme is a type of pyramid scheme where the perpetrators lure investors by promising a high rate of return and pays the investments of recent investors as profit to earlier investors. Ponzi and other pyramid schemes are a form of fraud known as embezzlement. If the financial loss to the victim is under $950, it is charged as a misdemeanor and carries a sentence of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. If the financial loss exceeds $950, it is charged as a felony and carries penalties of either 16 months, two years, or three years in jail, as well as a fine of up to $10,000.

White-Collar Crime Defenses

Due to the serious nature of white-collar crimes, an aggressive defense strategy must be implemented to obtain a positive resolution to your case. The appropriate defense depends on the specifics of your case but may include a lack of intent, insufficient evidence, untrustworthy evidence, entrapment by police, a mistake of fact, false accusation, and mistaken identity. A lawyer in Murrieta could determine what defense strategy may work best in a particular white-collar crime case.

Speak with a Murrieta White-Collar Crime Attorney

White-collar crime convictions have harsh, long-term consequences that include lengthy jail or prison time, a damaged professional reputation, hefty fines, victim restitution, and the possible termination of your employment. With so much at stake, we urge you to speak with our Murrieta white-collar crime lawyers right away if you are facing these charges.

Our seasoned legal team at the Law Offices of Scott D. Henry know precisely how these crimes are prosecuted at both the state and federal levels. Our thorough command of the law, extensive trial experience, and unparalleled ability to negotiate effectively have resulted in a proven track record of success. Contact our offices today for a free case analysis. The sooner an experienced attorney begins your defense strategy, the better your chances are of obtaining a favorable resolution.

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