After being arrested for driving while drunk, you may feel hopeless about your defense. At the Law Offices of Thomas Wallin, we understand the severity of your situation and we are prepared to defend your rights and fight your charges. Everyone has rights – even in an arrest – so be sure to know what your rights are in a DUI arrest and how you could fight your charges based on a violation of those rights.

Defend Your Rights in a DUI Arrest

The first thing your arresting officer may attempt to do is convince of force you into giving a statement. Do not give in to their intimidation tactics; even though they are a law enforcement officer, they are required to respect your rights under the Miranda Warning, the first of which is your right to remain silent. If you have been arrested, do not say a word about your case or your arrest to anyone, even a law enforcement official, until you have retained the counsel of a Riverside lawyer, which fulfills your second right to an attorney. Only a defense lawyer will have the knowledge and insight to ensure that you do not say anything incriminating.

Police misconduct in an arrest is a very effective defense strategy for DUI charges. If your arresting officer told you that sobriety tests or breath tests were mandatory, or attempted to force you into giving a statement, you may be able to fight your charges on the grounds of police misconduct. Speak with a DUI attorney today to discuss your charges and learn whether or not you have a case.

What You Should Know Before a DUI Arrest

Even before you are arrested for drinking and driving in Riverside, you have certain rights. Although an officer may attempt to convince you that you must submit to field sobriety tests or a breath test, this is not true. You have every right to refuse testing and contact a DUI defense attorney. If you do find yourself pulled over under suspicion of DUI, just remember the following tips:

  • Remain calm
  • Be polite and respectful to the officer
  • Comply with all test procedures, or politely deny to do so
  • Remain silent
  • Contact a DUI attorney right away

Hire a Riverside DUI Attorney to Discuss Your Rights

For the past 15 years, our firm has fought false charges of DUI and obtained the best possible outcome for many clients’ cases. Our attorneys work individually with their clients to ensure that their cases are being aggressively and skillfully defended. Call our offices today or complete our case evaluation form to contact us online for a consultation. We could review your situation and help you understand what rights you have in a Riverside DUI case.

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