At the Law Office of Scott D. Henry, we are committed to providing our clients with skilled, aggressive legal representation. If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a federal crime, we urge you to contact our San Bernardino federal criminal lawyers right away. The federal government has the resources to investigate and prosecute offenses zealously, so it is crucial to have superior legal counsel that can advocate effectively on your behalf to help you get a positive resolution.

Differences Between State and Federal Crimes

The majority of criminal offenses are prosecuted at the state level. Fewer crimes are prosecuted at the federal level as these crimes must put federal or national interests at stake. Crimes that fall under Federal jurisdiction include:

  • Any crime that involves federal officers or takes place on federal land
  • A crime where the defendant crosses state lines
  • A crime where the criminal offense crosses state lines
  • Violations involving immigration and customs

Some common examples of Federal crimes include mail fraud, aircraft hijacking, drug trafficking, bank robbery, child pornography, identity theft, computer crimes, hate crimes, and tax fraud.

There are also several differences between the prosecution of federal and state crimes. Federal judges are appointed for life by the President of the United States. Additionally, these cases are investigated by federal officers, such as FBI or DEA agents, and are prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys. State crimes are investigated by local law enforcement, state agents, and county sheriffs and are prosecuted by city attorneys or state district attorneys. An attorney in San Bernardino could explain what to expect during the legal process of a federal criminal case.

Drug Trafficking

Under Federal statutes, the term “drug trafficking” refers to the manufacturing, distribution, or dispensing of a prohibited narcotic. An offense is considered drug trafficking when the defendant(s) are in possession of a certain amount of an illegal substance. That certain amount differs, depending on the specific substance. Penalties for drug trafficking convictions vary and depend on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The guidelines set a minimum and maximum penalty for each crime, but several factors ultimately determine the sentence. Some factors include the defendant’s past criminal history, whether individuals were injured or killed as a result of the crime, and whether the crime took place near a school.

What are Some Legal Defenses to Federal Crimes?

The stakes are extremely high when you are facing federal charges. These cases are prosecuted aggressively, and convictions carry harsh punishments. Fortunately, a skilled federal criminal defense attorney in San Bernardino could fight the charges against you effectively. Several legal defenses are often used in federal cases. Some of these include:

  • A lack of intent
  • Entrapment
  • Duress
  • Self-defense or the defense of others
  • Mistake of fact
  • Insufficient evidence

Our San Bernardino Federal Criminal Attorneys Can Help

Our federal criminal lawyers at the Law Office of Scott D. Henry understand how frightening it is to be investigated or charged with a federal offense. We could perform an in-depth investigation into the alleged offense, compile evidence supporting our determined defense strategy, negotiate aggressively on your behalf, and, if necessary, skillfully defend you in court. Contact our legal team today so we could protect your rights and fight diligently to get you a fair verdict.

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