Being charged with a criminal offense is extremely serious. Your reputation, freedom, and future depend on the outcome. There is no guarantee of success in any legal matter, but having competent and aggressive legal representation can drastically increase the chances of a positive outcome. Our San Bernardino criminal defense lawyers at The Law Office of Scott D. Henry have the skills, diligence, and drive to fight tirelessly on behalf of our clients. We understand the seriousness of this matter and could focus our time, effort, and resources to helping you fight for your rights.

Types of Criminal Offenses in San Bernardino

Scott D. Henry and his team of attorneys have decades of experience in criminal defense. We firmly believed everyone has a right to skilled and ethical representation and have dedicated our careers to providing just that. Our team is highly respected in this area because of our track record of winning cases previously deemed unwinnable. We defend individuals who face charges that include, but are not limited to:

Our law firm is highly regarded among local law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges for our integrity and dedication. Our long-standing relationships allow us to better negotiate on behalf of our clients, which often results in reduced or dropped charges.

Our clients praise us for our aggressive, proactive approach. Unlike many other lawyers, we do not sit back and wait for the process to unfold. We could proactively perform a thorough investigation into the alleged charges and bring findings that support your case to law enforcement officials or the District Attorney. We could use our extensive knowledge of the law to negotiate a positive outcome.

Why Should I Hire a Defense Attorney?

If you are being investigated or charged with a criminal offense, you may be facing dire consequences. Your rights, reputation, freedom, and future are all at risk. Often, individuals do not realize the seriousness of their situation and avoid hiring a criminal defense attorney. They assume their side of the story will come out, and they can avoid a conviction. By the time they realize they need legal counsel, it often is too late to prevent the negative consequences.

Obtaining a skilled defense attorney early in the process drastically increases your chances of a positive outcome. Your San Bernardino attorney could gather and present evidence that supports your innocence, and negotiate to prevent charges from being filed, or more severe charges reduced to lesser charges.

What Should I Expect from my Legal Representation?

It is essential to have legal representation throughout the criminal process. A lawyer in San Bernardino could help guide you through the criminal justice system and work to ensure you do not take actions that may help the prosecution’s case, such as making incriminating statements during any police interviews or polygraph tests. If you are presented with a deal, a seasoned attorney could explain why you should or should not accept it. He or she could also help negotiate a more favorable deal, which may include reduced bail, reduced or dropped charges, reduced sentences.

Defense attorneys also provide their clients with support, such as explaining the reality of the situation, and its possible outcomes. They also assist their client in dealing with the emotional aspect, such as the fear, frustration, and humiliation associated with facing criminal charges.

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A criminal conviction can have devastating, long-term effects. Your life can be forever changed, so it is essential you take steps that give you the best chance at avoiding a conviction. The most crucial step is to seek the assistance of a San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer right away. Your legal representative could fight tirelessly through the entire process to protect your rights and help you get the result you need.

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