Your criminal record of a misdemeanor, and some felony charges, may qualify for expungement, the legal process of clearing your criminal record. Our office is the premier expungement law firm of San Bernardino County. If you desire a clear criminal record, one of our San Bernardino expungement lawyers could help.

A criminal record can often hinder one’s aspirations and life goals, such as securing a job, better housing and opportunity to join the military. If you were charged and convicted as an adult or juvenile California resident with DUI, petty theft, shoplifting, disturbing the peace, and other misdemeanors, or some felonies for which you served probation, we can help you clear your criminal record.

Retaining an Expungement Attorney

Our team of attorneys have extensive experience litigating in San Bernardino courts and know expungement laws and procedures. We specialize in clearing criminal records. Our team of experienced attorneys and lawyers has effectively handled hundreds of expungement defense cases. We have been quite successful in having arrest records and convictions sealed and prior pleas in local courts withdrawn, clearing criminal records for clients in San Bernardino and throughout Southern California.

Understandably, not all felony and misdemeanor charges can be cleared from your criminal record. Criminal cases must meet certain rules. In every case, an individual seeking expungement must not be on probation, serving a sentence for any offense, nor have any new criminal charges pending. If you are seeking a clear criminal record through expungement the following links have useful information and resources for you.

County of San Bernardino Website

This is the Official Website of San Bernardino County. This site is full of useful County information including, facts and statistics, county jobs, reports, links, and more.

Superior Court of San Bernardino County, California

The San Bernardino Superior Court website offers procedural information, forms, court fee schedules, court rules, online case information and more.

San Bernardino County District Attorney

The San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office most likely attempted to prosecute you if you were charged with a felony or misdemeanor in San Bernardino, California. At this site, you’ll find office locations, case information, and more.

San Bernardino California Police Department

Individuals arrested in San Bernardino County, California may have had contact with police officers of the SBPD. The San Bernardino Police Department utilizes the services of over 500 individuals to police the more than 200,000 people residing in San Bernardino County. This website offers crime statistics and programs, online crime reporting, contact information, and more.

San Bernardino County Probation Department

If you served a probation sentence in San Bernardino, you may qualify for a criminal records expungement. This site has information on the San Bernardino Probation Department’s community correction programs, detention corrections, community resources and more.

San Bernardino County Public Defender

If you could not afford to hire an attorney to defend you in a criminal case a San Bernardino County Public Defender Attorney may have defended you.

Speak with a San Bernardino Expungement Attorney

If you need help sealing your criminal record, our San Bernardino expungement lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us for an initial case consultation. It’s free. We could discuss your expungement remedy options. In most misdemeanor cases, such DUI, petty theft, and shoplifting convictions, we can obtain a clear criminal record for you. Some qualifying felonies may also be eligible to be sealed. For more information on expungement qualifications, call today.

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