Facing criminal charges can be frightening and stressful. Your reputation, freedom, and future hang in the balance. There is never a guarantee of a successful result in any legal matter. Though having aggressive and diligent legal counsel can dramatically increase your chances of a positive outcome. Our Costa Mesa criminal defense lawyers at The Law Office of Scott D. Henry have the skills, experience, and drive to fight tirelessly on behalf of our clients. We understand the seriousness of the situation and could focus our time, effort, and resources to help you fight for your rights and freedom.

Criminal Cases We Handle

Scott D. Henry and his team of attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience in criminal defense. Our firm believes everyone has a right to skilled and ethical representation and have dedicated our careers to providing it. Our team is highly regarded in this area because of our extensive track record of winning cases previously deemed unwinnable. We represent clients in criminal defense matters, including:

Our law firm is highly respected among law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges for our integrity and our dedication to our clients. Our long-standing relationships with those in the criminal justice system allow us to negotiate on our clients’ behalf effectively, often resulting in dropped or reduced charges.

Our clients continually appreciate our aggressive and proactive approach. Many lawyers sit back and wait for the events to unfold. However, we proactively perform thorough investigations into the alleged offense and bring our findings to law enforcement or prosecutors. We then use our extensive knowledge of the law to help us negotiate and fight for a positive outcome.

DUI Charges in Costa Mesa

DUI arrests are one of the top priorities of the local Police Department. They have created a special DUI task force to aid in cracking down on drunk drivers. The task force sets up numerous checkpoints each week, which results in multiple arrests. If you are charged with a drinking and driving in Costa Mesa, it is imperative that you speak immediately to a skilled defense attorney. Scott D. Henry and his team have decades of experience fighting DUI charges with unprecedented results. There are numerous effective defenses our team could pursue, even if you failed the sobriety or breathalyzer tests. We could thoroughly examine the facts of the case and determine the best defense strategy.

Why Do I Need a Defense Lawyer?

If you have been charged with a crime, you may be facing severe penalties. Your rights, freedom, and future are at risk. Many individuals do not realize the severity of the situation, and as a result, fail to hire a criminal defense attorney in time. These accused individuals believe their side of the story will come out, and the charges will be dropped. When they finally realize they need legal representation, it is typically too late to avoid negative consequences.

Having a skilled attorney on your side significantly increases your chances of a positive result. Your lawyer could immediately advocate on your behalf to ensure your rights are being protected and fight aggressively to help you avoid a conviction.

What to Expect from a Defense Attorney in a Criminal Case

Having legal representation throughout the criminal process is crucial because your attorney could help you navigate the system and ensure you do not say or do anything that may help the prosecution’s case against you. Additionally, your lawyer could be present during police interviews or polygraph tests, which could help avoid self-incrimination.

If the District Attorney presents you with a deal, an experienced attorney could explain the pros and cons of accepting it. If you choose not to take it the offer, your attorney could help negotiate a more favorable deal, which may include reduced or dropped charges.

A defense lawyer also provides support to their clients facing criminal charges in Costa Mesa. They explain the reality of the situation and the possible outcomes. They help their clients cope with their emotions, such as the fear, frustration, and embarrassment associated with being charged for a crime.

Speak with a Costa Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal conviction can have dire consequences, putting your entire future is at stake. Therefore, you should take immediate steps to help you avoid a conviction. The most crucial step is to hire a Costa Mesa criminal defense lawyer immediately. Your attorney could diligently fight to protect your rights and help you obtain the outcome you need.

Contact the Law Office of Scott D. Henry for a free consultation today. Our seasoned and dedicated team could discuss the specifics of your case, explain your rights and options, and determine the most effective strategy for moving forward.

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