In Riverside County, there is a specific process that is followed regarding charges of driving under the influence (DUI). It all begins when an officer suspects a motorist to be driving while intoxicated. In order to avoid making an unlawful police stop, the officer must witness one or more patterns in the motorist’s driving habits that make it highly probable that they are drunk. These patterns include:

  • Weaving
  • Driving too slow/too fast
  • Erratic braking
  • Ignoring traffic signs and signals
  • If there is significant evidence for the officer to suspect drunk driving, they may pull the driver over for further investigation.

The DUI process in Riverside can be difficult without a skilled attorney by your side. Therefore, if you have been charged with drinking and driving, you should contact our team today.

Drunk Driving Arrests

The next step in the process would be to determine whether or not there are adequate grounds for a DUI arrest. The law enforcement officer will likely ask the motorist to submit to a series of field sobriety tests and/or a breath or blood test to determine whether or not they are intoxicated. Failure of any field sobriety tests, or a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or more, could justify a DUI arrest if the results are true and not affected by other factors, such as medication or medical conditions.

Arraignment Phase of a Riverside DUI Case

At the arraignment phase of your Riverside drunk driving case, the charges against you will be read. You will be able to obtain a copy of the police report at this initial court date. The police report will contain all of the details gathered by the arresting agency the night of the arrest. In many cases you may find discrepancies between what you remember happening and what the arresting officer has reported. It is vital that you consult a dedicated DUI defense lawyer about these discrepancies. These could lead to strong defenses in your case. The arraignment phase will also allow your attorney to be put on record as counsel in the case.

Trial Readiness Conference Phase of a Drunk Driving Case

Once a plea of “not guilty” is entered your case will be set for Trial Readiness Conference. This stage of a Riverside DUI case is to prepare you for trial. You can run pre-trial motions and obtain discovery that is instrumental to your case. The Trial Readiness Conference is also used for negotiating with the District Attorney.

Conviction and Expunction

After an arrest has been made, the alleged offender must not hesitate to retain legal counsel from a Riverside DUI attorney. With their lawyer’s guidance and representation, their charges could be reduced or dismissed. If the individual is convicted of driving under the influence, they could face time in jail, a high fine, and license suspension. Penalties become more severe for multiple DUI convictions, as well as for cases of vehicular manslaughter. Nevertheless, if a person is granted probation for their DUI and successfully completes their term without violation, they could petition for an expunction and have their conviction sealed or “erased” from their record, freeing them from future job restrictions related to their criminal record.

Hire a Riverside Attorney for Help with the DUI Process

The first thing you should do after being charged with DUI is to contact a defense lawyer. We have provided skilled representation for 15 years and has received the highest possible rating of 10/10 from Avvo® – one of the nation’s most trusted lawyer rating services. If you are facing the DUI process in Riverside, contact our offices today for a free initial consultation. Once we have reviewed your case, an attorney from our firm could work with you personally and build a strong defense against your DUI charges. We may be able to uncover police misconduct or a faulty BAC test result and fight for a dismissal of your charges. Your initial case evaluation is free, so fill out our online evaluation form today or call us for further information.

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