When you or someone you love is facing firearm-related charges, you need an experienced and dedicated San Diego County gun lawyer on your side. Scott Henry and his team of qualified defense attorneys understand a gun owner’s rights and work diligently to protect the rights afforded by the Second Amendment.

Our legal team has decades of experience representing those accused of firearms offenses and knows precisely how to aggressively defend your rights and freedom. When charged with a weapons violation, you need skilled representation from a competent and reputable legal team. Get started today by calling our office or filling out our online form.

What is a Person’s Second Amendment Right?

Added to the Constitution on December 15, 1971, the Second Amendment protects the right of our country’s citizens to own and possess firearms. Although it does allow people to own guns, it does not prevent government regulation of firearms. California has maintained some of the country’s strictest gun legislation, with courts and prosecutors aggressively pursuing anyone in violation of these laws. As such, anyone charged with a gun crime, should reach out to a skilled San Diego County attorney for help protecting their rights.

Types of Gun Charges in San Diego County

Weapons charges involve a wide variety of offenses, ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies. The Law Offices of Scott Henry defends clients against gun-related criminal charges, including:

  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Carrying a stolen firearm
  • Possession of a gun in a vehicle
  • Brandishing a firearm
  • Felon in possession of a weapon
  • Firing a gun from a vehicle
  • Carrying a loaded firearm in public
  • Unlawful possession of a gun
  • Shooting a firearm at a dwelling, vehicle, or aircraft
  • Negligent discharge of a firearm
  • Assault with a firearm
  • Illegal modification of a firearm

The punishment ultimately depends on the specifics of the alleged offense and the accused’s criminal history. Still, misdemeanor gun crime convictions generally carry up to one year in jail and fines of up to $1,000. For more serious weapons charges, convictions can carry anywhere from one to 20 years in state prison. A lawyer in San Diego County could help someone mitigate the potential consequences of a gun offense.

Firearm Offense Enhancements

Under state gun laws, a felony sentence can be enhanced if you used or possessed a firearm during the commission of a crime. Gun sentencing enhancements can make a felony sentence significantly longer, sometimes adding many years to a prison sentence. Sentencing enhancements include:

  • Being in possession with a firearm during the commission of a felony
  • Using or possessing a firearm during the commission of a sex offense
  • Using a gun during the commission of a serious felony
  • Discharging a weapon from a car during the commission of a felony
  • Providing or attempting to provide another person with a gun to aid them in the commission of a felony

Defenses for Gun-Related Crimes

Due to a string of highly publicized gun-related crimes in recent years, firearms offenses are strictly punished by our courts. When facing gun charges, it is essential to have a qualified San Diego County defense attorney to aggressively fight the charges and any possible sentence enhancements. Depending on the specifics of your case, Scott Henry and his team may choose to utilize one or more of the following defense strategies:

  • The possession of the firearm was legal
  • You were mistakenly identified as the perpetrator
  • The weapon was discovered during an illegal search and seizure
  • The gun was carried in self-defense or the defense of others
  • You were not aware you were in possession of a firearm
  • The gun was planted by police
  • The police report contained false or conflicting statements
  • There is not enough evidence to support a conviction

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