After having already been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), a subsequent conviction will compound the penalties under California state law. This is especially true for a fourth or subsequent conviction, because each of these is considered a felony DUI and will result in a prison sentence. Also, felony charges of any kind may contribute to a life sentence under the Three Strikes Law, so contact a Riverside multiple DUI offenses lawyer right away for an aggressive defense. Our skilled attorney could offer legal advice throughout the process of your case and protect your rights.

Laws & Defense Strategies for Multiple DUI Charges

California Vehicle Code § 23536 provides the penalties for a first DUI conviction, which consists of a fine and time in jail. Each subsequent conviction within 10 years of the prior offense will result in more severe penalties.

Second DUI (Cal. Veh. Code § 23540):

A jail sentence of 90 days to one year
A fine of $390-$1,000
License suspension of two years
Third DUI (Cal. Veh. Code § 26546):

A jail sentence of 120 days to one year
A fine of $390-$1,000
License revocation of three years
Fourth or subsequent DUI (Cal. Veh. Code § 23550):

A prison sentence of 16 months, two, or three years, or a jail sentence of 180 days to one year
A fine of $390-$1,000
License revocation of four years

When facing a second or multiple subsequent DUI charges, your best defense strategy would be to retain a Riverside lawyer who can evaluate your field sobriety test results and help uncover police misconduct. The Law Offices of Thomas Wallin could even prove an unlawful police stop for your case and obtain a reduction or dismissal of your charges. Find out how we may be able to help you avoid a jail or prison sentence by contacting our offices today for a free consultation.

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For the past 15 years, our firm has sought to provide attentive and skilled defense against first or multiple DUI charges. Our attorneys work directly with you instead of handing your case to a junior associate with little to no experience, which means that you can get answers to your questions directly from a seasoned Riverside multiple DUI offenses lawyer and have the highest possible chance of obtaining a dismissal. Contact us today by calling our offices or by completing our free evaluation form to contact us online.

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