If you reside in San Diego and your criminal record holds misdemeanor or felony arrests and charges , whether you were charged and/or arrested as an adult or a juvenile, you may qualify for a criminal records expungement, which is a legal process of cleaning criminal records. Our firm employs an efficient team of qualified San Diego expungement lawyers who can help clear your criminal record. Our skilled attorneys have effectively handled hundreds of expungement defense cases, such as getting arrest records and convictions sealed and prior pleas in San Diego courts withdrawn, clearing criminal records for clients.

How Expungement Works

Your criminal record, whether it contains misdemeanor or felony charges, has most likely caused much hardship for you already. A criminal record can hinder opportunities for employment and housing, can keep you from joining the Armed Forces, and may even appear on your credit report. However, past arrests and criminal convictions do not necessarily have to shadow your life indefinitely. You may be able to obtain a clean criminal record and pursue opportunities previously denied you.

Our attorneys several years of experience working with the San Diego court system and we are extremely knowledgeable about the expungement process and state laws. It’s important to note that not all charges or convictions qualify for sealing. In order to obtain a clean criminal record in San Diego, there are some simple criteria that must be met.

Local Expungement Resources

City of San Diego Official Website

San Diego’s official website has all kinds of local San Diego information and resources.

Superior Court of San Diego County, California

The San Diego Superior Court website has procedural information, Expungement information and forms, court fees, court rules and plenty of useful information.

San Diego District Attorney’s Office

Persons arrested and charged with misdemeanors and felonies in San Diego, most likely came in contact with a District Attorney Prosecutor. Here, you’ll find office locations, a jail inmate log, and more.

San Diego California Police Department

If you were arrested and charged for a crime in San Diego, California you were probably introduced to an officer of the SDPD. The San Diego Police Department site provides crime statistics, online crime reporting, contact information and more.

San Diego County Public Defender

If you were arrested for a crime in San Diego, California and a California Judge determined were unable to afford an attorney, you may have utilized legal counsel from a San Diego County Public Defender.

Speak with a San Diego Expungement Attorney

To determine if you can obtain a clear criminal record, simply call one of our qualified San Diego expungement lawyers. We could discuss your options and if you qualify our lawyers could help you through the legal process of obtaining a clean criminal record. Our attorneys are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us for an initial case consultation.

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