When a criminal defense attorney investigates an alleged offense before charges have been filed, it is known as a pre-file investigation. It poses an excellent opportunity for a skilled attorney to provide evidence that supports your innocence to law enforcement or prosecutors before you have been formally charged. If you have been accused of or arrested for a crime, but have not yet been charged, you should immediately seek the representation of one of our experienced Orange County pre-filing investigation lawyers at The Law Office of Scott D. Henry.

It is crucial you have the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney before the District Attorney charges you. Fortunately, our attorneys could thoroughly investigate the accusation and the surrounding circumstances.

How Can Hiring a Pre-file Attorney in Orange County Help?

Hiring a local attorney for a pre-filing investigation could significantly influence the outcome of your case. Your attorney could help during this stage by:

  • Researching and investigating
  • Contacting law enforcement and intervening
  • Assisting you in police interviews or polygraph tests
  • Resolving the case with investigators before charges are filed
  • Assisting in a surrender if an arrest cannot be avoided
  • Assisting in finding a bail bondsman if necessary

Additionally, our skilled team of investigators could immediately begin collecting evidence to support your defense. Evidence that may be collected could include witness statements, alleged victim statements, and the collection of any security camera footage. Our firm has successfully negotiated with law enforcement and prosecutors in the pre-file stage, resulting in reduced or dropped charges.

Pre-filing Investigations Involving White-Collar Crimes

Investigators typically work on white-collar investigations for several months or even years. There is typically a long period of time between an individual being accused of a crime and actually being charged. This is a crucial point in the process where it is best to hire a lawyer before any charges are filed. With our team’s knowledge and experience, law enforcement could decide to reduce the charges.

Pre-Filing Investigations in DUI Cases

Scott D. Henry and his team of attorneys in Orange County have extensive pre-file investigation experience that has resulted in amazing success. During our investigation, we could obtain police reports, witness statements, camera footage, and calibration records of any alcohol testing devices that were used.

If law enforcement officials are investigating you for a DUI, you must quickly secure aggressive legal representation. A DUI conviction can include a driver’s license suspension, time in jail, strict probation, substantial fines, months of classes, and expensive SR22 insurance. Our firm is well-known for our proactive defense strategies. We could aggressively defend you by using a proactive defense to help you to avoid a conviction.

Some individuals believe there is no hope in avoiding a conviction because they failed the sobriety test. However, it is still possible to avoid a guilty verdict. For instance, we could possibly secure a reduction or dismissal of charges by challenging the validity of the evidence.

Should an Accused Individual Speak with Investigators?

During the investigation period, law enforcement officials often ask you to speak to them regarding the accusation. Additionally, they may request that you take a polygraph test. Even if you are innocent, agreeing to an interview or polygraph test is never a good idea. You may end up helping investigators build a case against you. This is another reason why having a lawyer during the pre-trial investigation process is crucial. Our team could provide you with the assistance you need to avoid these requests and ensure you do not self-incriminate.

Detained but Not Booked

You have a right to a speedy trial. If you have been detained but not booked, our attorneys could go before the judge to request a writ of habeas corpus. If granted, the court orders the police to bring the matter before the court to determine if you have been lawfully detained.

Contact an Orange County Pre-Filing Investigation Attorney

Being accused and investigated for a crime can be a frightening experience. When you do not know whether you will be charged with a crime, you are most likely unsure of what you should do. You need representation that could help you through every step of the process while protecting your rights and freedom.

The Law Office of Scott D. Henry is one of the most highly regarded criminal defense firms in the area. Numerous clients have praised our defense team for being proactive and aggressive. To fight for a positive outcome, an Orange County pre-filing investigation lawyer could immediately begin a thorough search to bring to light any evidence supporting your innocence. This evidence, when brought to the prosecutor, may result in dropped or reduced charges.

Timing is essential when fighting your freedom. If you are being investigated for a criminal offense, please call us today for a free consultation.

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