28 year old, Kristin Elizabeth Engstrom was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence when she was found sleeping in her vehicle. Orange County Sheriff’s arrived on Engstrom’s vehicle a little after midnight at the corner of Oso and Marguerite. The car’s engine was still on and an informant called in what she believed was an abandoned car. It is unclear from the limited facts whether Engstrom was later found in the driver’s seat, but the informant reported that there was not a driver in the car. If charged, Engstrom is facing a second offense as last year she entered a plea of guilty to driving under the influence.

The scenario above is very common. Officers come upon sleeping or even stranded motorists and perform a wellness check which later leads to an arrest for driving under the influence. The problem is that you may not have been driving the vehicle at all or the officer may not be able to indicate a time of driving. These are fatal flaws in an Orange County DUI case. It is important that no matter what the circumstances of your drunk driving case you contact a qualified Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer who will present the proper defenses for your case. Contact our offices now toll free at 888-444-7210 for a free consultation.

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