California Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a serious offense. If you are convicted, there are severe penalties that may be imposed – loss of driving privileges, jail time, high insurance premiums…should I go on? If you do not fight your California DUI, your license will be automatically suspended and your insurance rates are sure to skyrocket. Not to mention if you hold any kind of professional license, it may be revoked. You have a lot to lose, so why not fight a DUI? An experienced California DUI Defense Lawyer can review the facts of your case and build the best possible defense so that these things do not happen.


Aside from the harsh penalties that may be imposed, there are a number of good reasons why you should fight a California Drunk Driving Incident. If you do not fight and you go to court and plead guilty to drunk driving, you are sure to be convicted of a DUI. This conviction will remain a part of your permanent criminal record forever and your driving record for ten (10) years! By hiring an experienced California DUI lawyer and fighting your case, you can rest assured that everything will be done to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

A seasoned California DUI Defense Lawyer will review all of the evidence of your case and perhaps even find that the officer did not have a valid reason for stopping you in the first place, thereby getting any evidence against you suppressed. Even if you blew over the legal limit of .08%, an experienced California DUI attorney may be able to get the evidence dismissed. The breathalyzers used by law enforcement are highly regulated and subject to strict maintenance requirements in order to be determined reliable. If these regulations were not followed, then your results could be thrown out. Perhaps the breathalyzer is out of calibration and your .08% was really a .06%, or maybe the blood sample taken from you was clotted or fermented, resulting in a false reading. These are things that an experienced California Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer will bring up.

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