Whether this is your first time DUI offense or you are considered a multiple DUI offender, you will be required to enroll and complete a DUI program that is licensed through the Department of Alcohol and Drugs. These programs are available in the city of Whittier as well as surrounding cities and usually last 18 to 30 months. As a DUI offender, you are required to complete these programs or you will be in violations of probation and will be facing more severe consequences.
DUI School Program(s)DUI School
  • First DUI offender
Adapt-Aware Zone, Inc.
14128 Whittier Boulevard
Whittier, CA 90605
Phone: (562) 698-0474
Fax: (562) 698-4677
  • First DUI Offender
ACE Program
Anderson Counseling and Education, Inc.
7336 South Painter Avenue
Whittier, CA 90602
Phone: (562) 945-2977
Fax: (562) 945-2978
  • First DUI Offender
  • 18 Month
  • 30 Month
Safety Consultant Services, Inc.
13501 East Whittier Boulevard
Whittier, CA 90605
Phone: (562) 945-2493
Fax: (562) 693-8785
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