California DUI checkpoints are designed to protect the public from those who have been driving under the influence. A typical California DUI sobriety checkpoint is announced prior to its commencement and usually occurs in areas that are known for frequent drunk drivers or are near popular areas that have many bars and can even include looking for motorists who are driving on a suspended license. During a DUI checkpoint, officers look for signs of intoxication that include blurry or bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and even the scent of alcohol coming from the person or the car. If officers notice any of these signs, they will ask the motorist to step out of the vehicle and perform a DUI field sobriety test as well as a breathalyzer test to determine whether the driver is in fact driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs.

Once a driver is determined to be under the influence, they will be then arrested and will face hefty fines and license suspensions. Unfortunately, many drivers tend to react different to an officer telling them that they may be driving under the influence or even be offended that the officer is asking to see their license. An article on North County Times is a good example of how a regular DUI checkpoint can go wrong, causing additional drama and potential hefty when it could all have been avoided.

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