UNC At Chapel Hill Student Charged With Murder In Fatal DUI Crash

Chandler Michael Kania, 20, has been charged with murder after a fatal DUI crash that killed 3 people including a 6-year-old. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student states that he borrowed the ID of a fraternity brother who had recently graduated. He then drank at two local establishments before colliding with another vehicle. The accident happened on Interstate 85 where it splits with Interstate 40.

Kania has been charged with a multitude of counts including three counts of second-degree murder. He suffered a broken arm and broken ankle during the crash that killed 3 and injured a 9-year-old. His bond has been set at $1 million. Defense attorneys for Kania have stated that they hope to get him into a rehab facility as quickly as possible.

It is a horrible tragedy whenever someone is involved in a fatal accident. All parties are undoubtedly devastated by the incident and will forever have their lives changed. If you are involved in a DUI crash with serious injury or a fatality you need an attorney immediately.

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