What happens when you are on vacation in another state and party a bit too much? Perhaps you’ve had one drink too many at a family gathering, didn’t wait long enough after your last drink, or simply fell victim to a momentary lapse of judgment in a state where you do not normally reside. What happens in this type of situation? The answer is that it depends.

When it comes to out of state DUIs – whether they are DUI arrests that occur outside of California or DUI arrests that happen when you are visiting the Golden State – there will be a number of factors to consider. The state in which your arrest takes place, for instance, will play an important role, as each state is considered its own sovereign, meaning that each state has its own set of laws.

Not all state laws are uniform in this matter, however, and some states may even use a system called “Interstate Compact” to share conviction information. The system allows other participating states to be notified of a resident’s arrest, alcohol level, and any other additional information related to the arrest and criminal charge. Further, those participating states may use a person’s arrest from an out of state DUI and implement it within its own state as a DUI arrest.

What should be kept in mind when dealing with an out of state DUI? If a person is arrested for a DUI in another state it is important to understand the laws within that state. In addition, the person should inquire about the laws within their resident state. Lastly and importantly, by no means should one ignore any requests by the arresting agency’s courts. Any requests by the court should be complied with and the fact that a person is not a resident of that state plays no factor.

Given the fact that out of state DUIs can present a whole host of unique and time-consuming difficulties, it is entirely understandable that those who stand accused of driving under the influence in another state – or out of state residents who are charged with DUI in California – can feel an overwhelming sense of pressure and concern. Fortunately, a Riverside DUI attorney from our firm is here to ensure that you have the support, the information, and the proven representation you need to navigate these legal proceedings. Learn more about your out of state DUI case and how The Law Offices of Scott Henry can be of assistance. As time is of the essence, we encourage you to contact the firm without delay.