California Highway Patrol announced this morning that a Maywood officer was injured when a suspected drunk driver made a left turn in front of the squad car she was driving. A witness to the accident claims the officers were driving at a high rate of speed with no lights activated when the alleged drunk driver turned in front of it. All other parties involved in the accident suffered minor injuries. The man accused of a Los Angeles DUI was driving on a suspended license and failed a field sobriety test given to him at the scene.

An arrest for a Los Angeles DUI can affect all aspects of your life. If you are arrested for a Los Angeles DUI where an accident was involved you could face felony drunk driving charges. If a party is severely injured the likelihood that you will face state prison time is very high. Given the severity of the circumstances, you must contact a Los Angeles drunk driving attorney immediately after being arrested for a DUI. Don’t face the charges alone, receive a free consultation now. Fill out our free online Los Angeles DUI evaluation and receive an instant call back.

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