A new gadget that connects to almost 95% of cell phones may become the next evident-gathering tool used by officers in law enforcement.

An article on Red Tape MSN describes this gadget as being a universal tool that is a breakthrough in technology. This device, called the UFED 2.0 or the “Universal Forensic Extraction Device”, can connect to virtually any cell phone and can collect and copy any content that is currently stored on the phone, including contacts, call history and pictures as well as current and deleted text messages.

Another article about warrants and cell phones indicates that officers in California can search through your cell phone without needing a warrant to do so. What this means, is that whatever information officers gather from your cell phone can be used as evidence against you, for whatever charge you may be facing. A cell phone is categorized as an item of personal property and therefore, its contents may be inspected without a warrant.

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