A unique program designed to inform teens about the harsh realities that result from drinking and driving has been popping up throughout the US.

According to the Parent Dish, a program named “ Every 15 Minutes” makes a huge impact on teens as they learn what occurs when you drink and drive or even drive and text. By stimulating a drunk driving accident in high school parking lots, teens are able to see the shockingly realistic scenes of the “victims” being taken away on stretchers.

On top of this, a masked “Grim Reaper” pulls select students out of class every 15 minutes to symbolize that student’s death due to drunk driving. To set the point home, officers read obituary letters that have been written by the student’s parents. The student must remain silent for 24 hours and cannot call, text or speak. Although the teens can return to their normal lives once their 24 hours are up, they understand that most DUI-related accident victims are not so lucky.

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