More Than 200 Drivers Arrested During Fourth Of July DUI Crackdown

Fourth of July has become one of the most dangerous – and most deadly – times of year on American roads and highways. During the holiday, rates of impaired and intoxicated drivers rise dramatically and in states throughout the country, the results are often devastating. In an effort to crack down on such alarming rates of motorists driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, Riverside County joined part of a multi-county and multi-agency campaign to crack down on DUIs over Independence Day weekend.

As reported by local law enforcement agencies and final figures released earlier this month, the campaign resulted in 203 arrests for alleged DUIs throughout Riverside County. Dubbed the “Avoid the 30” task force for the number of law enforcement agencies involved, the program ran from Wednesday July, 3 to Sunday, July 7. During this period, law enforcement officers increased saturation patrols throughout the county and conducted sobriety checkpoints at various locations.

Riverside County’s anti-DUI campaign coincided with anti-DUI efforts throughout the state, including a maximum enforcement period conducted by the California Highway Patrol. Last year, 60 DUI arrests were made in Riverside County during the holiday, although the anti-DUI program only lasted two days. Officials are planning another Avoid the 30 campaign this coming August for Labor Day weekend.

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