42-year-old Christian Aparicio was arrested for driving under the influence in Laguna Beach on Saturday night. He was pulled over by the Laguna Beach police Department after being suspected of drunk driving. When he pulled into a nearby gas station and was asked to step out of his vehicle, he left the car in reverse. The sedan backed straight into the nearby police car. To make matters worse, when Aparicio tried to control the vehicle he pressed the gas driving straight into a pole directly infront of the patrol vehicle. Luckily no one was injured in the ordeal.

An Orange County DUI with accident can have heavy consequences from license suspensions to potential jail time. In most cases, the comedy of errors listed above isn’t the reality. More often than not a person is pulled over for a Laguna Beach DUI after having a few drinks at the local bar and for something as minor as having their registration expired. No matter what the circumstances of your Orange County drunk driving incident, you need to contact a leading Laguna Beach DUI lawyer.

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