Kennedy Found Not Guilty In DUI Trial

Kerry Kennedy was acquitted of driving under the influence in New York. Kerry Kennedy is the daughter of Senator Robert F. Kennedy who was killed in his bid for presidency. Ms. Kennedy was arrested in July 2012 after a morning collision. Officers believed she had been driving while impaired. The defense asserted that Ms. Kennedy grabbed the wrong prescription, unknowingly taking 10 milligrams of Ambien before getting behind the wheel.

Many people assume that driving under the influence cases are limited to the impairment of alcohol. A large, and growing, number of DUI cases involve prescription drugs. Many prescription drugs have adverse affects on a person’s sensory. Doctors and pharmacists warn of the adverse reactions and inform patients not to drive within a certain amount of hours of taking the drug. Failure to adhere to the warnings can result in your arrest for driving under the influence – even if the drugs are prescription. Call the Law Offices of Thomas Wallin today for a free initial case consultation.

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