The ignition interlock device is a breath-screening apparatus that is attached to a vehicle. It requires the driver to pass a blood-alcohol test before the vehicle will start. California law now requires that installation of ignition interlock devices be required in more and more drunk-driving cases. The ignition interlock device is beneficial in a number of ways and it helps to remind DUI offenders of their behavior and responsibilities when it comes to driving drunk in California.

Installation of the ignition interlock device is now required in cases involving multiple DUI offenses within ten years. Additionally, drivers who are caught drinking and driving on a suspended license are required to install the ignition interlock device. Some courts do order the installation of the device in DUI cases for even first-time offenders. While some DUI offenders may not like the idea of having the device installed, it can be quite beneficial and serve as an alternative to harsher penalties, such as a suspended driver’s license or jail time. By agreeing to have an ignition interlock device installed, DUI offenders are sometimes able to keep their driving privileges intact or obtain a restricted driver’s license.

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