How An Expungement Can Save Your Professional License

If you hold a professional license such as being a Registered Nurse and are arrested for a DUI, your career can be greatly affected. A conviction for a DUI is sent to the Board of Registered Nursing enforcement unit and sanctions can be issued against your license. You can, however, have the conviction expunged, which may help you when applying for or renewing your license. The Board always takes into consideration any rehabilitation that has occurred since the incident and if the matter has been reviewed by a Judge for dismissal.

An expungement shows that you have not had any probation violations and have successfully completed all terms of your probation. Professional boards often take into consideration the fact that the case has been reviewed by a judge and subsequently dismissed. If you or someone you know has been convicted of a misdemeanor and is looking to get your case dismissed post conviction, contact our offices today.

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