Federal DUI in CA

California is home to a number of federally regulated areas such as national parks and airport property. Federally owned land is governed by federal courts, therefore an arrest for Driving Under the Influence on federally owned land will result in federal prosecution. It is important to hire a qualified California DUI Attorney who is well-versed in federal drunk driving cases.

Most likely if you are arrested on federal property for Driving Under the Influence in California you will be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor and could face a license suspension, up to six months in a federal penitentiary and a high fine. If there are enhancements or additional circumstances you could be facing a felony charge.

A Federal DUI case is similar to any other drunk driving case in the state, however the US Government has the full weight of the law on their side. Having an attorney who understands federal DUI charges and is highly experienced in defending federal drunk driving cases is vital to getting a successful outcome in your case. Fill out our free online California DUI case evaluation and receive a call back from a skilled federal DUI Attorney.

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