Hunter Kilmer, 23, was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and on manslaughter charges when his Suzuki Samurai plowed into deep water flowing into a reservoir near the Saddle Dike Embankment. Kilmer’s 16-month-old son was in his car seat at 8:30 pm when Kilmer drove the vehicle into the waters. The Samurai overturned, Kilmer and a 19-year-old friend were able to escape but they could not save his 16-month-old son.

Any time there is an injury or fatality behind the wheel of a car it is tragic. The loss of a son, daughter, friend, loved one or even complete stranger affects all aspects of your life. If you had alcohol in your system at the time of the collision you can face serious charges that could lead to a state prison sentence. Contact our team of dedicated California DUI lawyers now for a free case consultation.

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