Russell Leach, former Riverside police chief was charged with driving under the influence when he crashed his car in the early hours of the morning.  Leach was leaving Club 215, a local topless bar, on February 8 and after hitting a curb he wore his left tires down to their rims.  A concerned citizen called in Leach’s whereabouts when she saw the city-owned Chrysler driving erratically.  Leach was also caught running a red light prior to be pulled over.

Leach faces misdemeanor DUI charges which can include a long license suspension, stiff fines, potential jail time and an alcohol program.  If you are arrested for a Riverside DUI you have only ten calendar days from the date of arrest to contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  If you hire a Riverside DUI attorney within ten calendar days they can contact the DMV on your behalf and handle your criminal court case.

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