Senate Bill 755 was introduced earlier this year by Senator Wolk. Principal Coauthor was Assembly Member Alejo and additional coauthors are listed as Senators De Leon, DeSaulnier , Hancock and Yee. The bill would have made it illegal to own, purchase, receive, possess or have under custody or control any firearm if you have been convicted of violation of Vehicle Code section 23152 – otherwise known as a DUI conviction. SB755 also sought to expand denying gun rights to those convicted of Penal Code 647 (f) – public intoxication.

Earlier this month, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill. Presumably, Governor Brown made the connection that there is no connection between a DUI and owning a firearm. Unfortunately, this is not the last of this type of bill that we will see. Driving Under the Influence is a hot button issue that reaches across the aisle meaning that Senators and Assembly Members see it as a way to work together to produce bipartisan legislation. Denying someone’s rights, however, is not the answer.