Denver Nuggets Ty Lawson Arrested For 2nd Los Angeles DUI

Ty Lawson, 27, was arrested for a 2nd DUI in Los Angeles in the early morning of July 14, 2015. Lawson is a point guard for the Denver Nuggets. He was previously arrested for driving under the influence in Denver less than 6 months ago. He allegedly has 2 other DUI arrests in Missouri and North Carolina within the past 10 years.

A California Highway Patrol Officer states that Lawson was pulled over on Highway 101 and Melrose Avenue for speeding. After failing a number of field sobriety tests, he was booked and released on $5000 bail. His court date has been set for August 4.

This Los Angeles drunk driving arrest comes as Lawson still has 2 years and $25.6 million left on his contract with the Denver Nuggets. Lawson’s off the court struggles have led to reports of the Nuggets potentially releasing Lawson from the team.


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