Could Breathalyzers In The Future Detect Marijuana?

Breathalyzers are currently in the makings that detect marijuana. Many speculate that if California legalizes marijuana that they will begin using breathalyzers that detects marijuana. Part of the problem is establishing a legal limit. Developing a legal standard for marijuana will bring the same controversy that the .08% BAC did for alcohol. In Washington, where marijuana is currently legal, has set the limit at five nanograms per milliliter of blood. However, many people argue that limit is not fair since there it is currently not standardized. The same argument can be made for the fact that alcohol metabolizes differently in each person’s system and should not be standardized. Another problem arises when you consider that there is still a high trace of THC even 24 hours after consumption. It would make it increasingly difficult to prove when the test subject was under the influence.

Unfortunately, many of these same concerns were raised, and continue to be raised, with the breathalyzer used to detect alcohol. We anticipate that we will be seeing these pot detecting breathalyzers in the near future. These devices will detect a total of 12 different substances including cocaine and amphetamines.

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