West Sacramento, Redlands and Whittier are just a few of the cities and police departments to receive grants for anti-DUI efforts. The success of campaigns like “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” and multi-agency task forces such as Avoid the 100 in Los Angeles propelled the California Office of Traffic Safety into action. The grants are designed to specifically target impaired drivers and educate the public on the dangers of drinking and driving through the use of DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints.

California drivers can expect an increase in checkpoints especially during the holidays and summertime. Redlands Police Department, alone plans on holding 12 additional checkpoints between now and Labor Day with the help of these funds.

DUI Checkpoints are allowed under California Law but must follow specific guidelines to be constitutional. All checkpoints must have supervising officers making all operational decisions, have a neutral formula for stopping motorists, have a reasonable time, duration and location for the checkpoint. DUI/Driver’s License checkpoints must also follow adequate safety precautions, have advance notice to the public, detain motorists for a minimal amount of time and give drivers coming upon the checkpoint notice of its official nature.

We are not surprised by the increase in grants for checkpoints throughout California. DUI arrests can be extremely profitable for a city. Expect to see more checkpoints, more often. Police Departments are getting smart. We have seen back to back checkpoints and checkpoints on weekdays.

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