According to a 627-page report by the California Highway Patrol, 18-year-old Sylvia Garay had a blood alcohol level between 0.11 and 0.14 at the time of a tragic California bus accident that killed Garay and five others approximately one year ago.

“In the end, it was a DUI collision. [Garay} made poor choices to drink and drive and from that six people lost their lives,” said Sgt. Rob Krider with the Major Accident Investigation Team.

According to CBS 47, investigators concluded that Garay and Stephanie Cordoba had been drinking shots of raspberry and apple Smirnoff vodka and Four Loco, purchased by a friend who was over 21. They drank at a friend’s house before going to a Fresno nightclub. After the club closed, Garay got behind the wheel and lost control of her SUV on Freeway 99.

“Passengers at that point survived the impact, in fact, they were trying to exit the vehicle,” said Assistant Chief Steve Badilla of the Central Division CHP office.

However, just two minutes and 32 seconds later, an approaching Greyhound bus crashed directly into the near of the Trailblazer after he failed to notice the disable vehicle in the dark road.

While the CHP faults Garay, an attorney representing the families of passengers Cordoba and Vanessa Gonzalez isn’t entirely convinced. He questions the bus driver’s speed and reaction and the CHP’s response time between when the original California DUI accident happened and when the bus entered the picture.

The District Attorney’s office is reviewing the report. It’s unknown whether any criminal charges will be filed.

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