California DUI With Accident

Involvement in an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI/DUID) in California is a serious matter, especially if the accident resulted in injuries or death to another person. Experienced California DUI Defense attorneys will often call on independent experts to reconstruct accidents in hopes of uncovering evidence that will show that CA Drunk Driving defendants are in fact “not guilty.”

When a California drunk-driving case involves an accident, time is of the essence. Because evidence such as skid marks can disappear quickly, it is important that accident reconstruction specialists be retained quickly so that they can examine the accident scene and all of the vehicles involved as soon as possible. Experienced accident reconstruction specialists will take photos of all of the vehicles involved and of the crash scene. A California DUI accident reconstruction expert will conduct analysis of the vehicle damages, calculate the rate of speed each vehicle was traveling at before and at the time of impact, and evaluate possible trajectories that occurred, resulting in an overall reconstruction of the accident.

The goal of California DUI Defense Lawyers is to have the accident reconstruction specialist determine whether the accident could have been avoided. If the accident could not have been avoided, then alcohol was not a contributing factor. Every aspect of the accident is important and CA Drunk Driving Accident Reconstruction Specialists will review the road conditions, weather conditions, lighting, traffic patterns, etc. In addition, the accident reconstruction specialist will investigate whether everything on the vehicles involved in the accident was working properly at the time of the accident.

Utilizing the services of an experienced DUI accident reconstruction specialist is essential in any drunk-driving case involving an accident. Savvy California Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys will take advantage of such services in order to help minimize the consequences for their clients.

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