California DUI attorneys often file various motions on behalf of their clients before their cases actually go to trial. These are referred to as “pretrial motions.” A motion is a formal legal document asking the judge to take certain action. An experienced California DUI lawyer will begin devising defense strategies and filing pretrial motions almost immediately after being retained by a DUI defendant.

California DUI lawyers file pretrial motions for a number of reasons, but most often to challenge the admissibility of evidence (blood or breath test results, field sobriety test results, etc.). If the judge grants the pretrial motion, then success for the suspected DUI offender has already begun. Successful pretrial motions often compel the District Attorney’s office to make what is referred to as an “advantageous plea bargain” offer, advantageous most often for the California DUI suspect. These pretrial motions can even possibly result in a dismissal of the entire case. The types of pretrial motions most often filed by California DUI attorneys include motions to suppress evidence, motions for discovery, motions to strike prior offenses, Pitchess motions, and motions to split blood or urine samples.

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